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  • Palwal Highway which passes through the top of the assurances I needed bridge building 13-12-2014

    Chandigarh, December 13, Chief Minister Manohar Lal of Haryana Palwal today, which is at a distance of about 100 kilometers from Delhi, the Jilawasion various announcements which Palwal needed bridge over the highway that runs through the assurance of building, Palwal passing over the homes of 66 kV power lines directed plot, 66 KV Sub-station installation, with the office of the City Council and parking Complex commercial grant of Rs 5 crore, to be fair game The announcement to build the stadium, Bduli up colleges in the village, the village Rsulpur and Bamnikeda build a railway over the top of the railway line declared. Palwal today's problems in the public hearing was addressing them before. On behalf of the general public on the problem raised about the lack of manure he said fertilizer shortage was due to meet railway rack. He had reached Palwal those seeking brats. He also said that Tubvalon electrical connections which are to be paid, they will be issued immediately. Number -2014