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  • CM dedicated 'Haryana Physical Activities and Sports Policy-2015', to the people of the state 12-01-2015

    Chandigarh, January 12- Haryana Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Lal today on the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda dedicated the new sports policy,  'Haryana Physical Activities and Sports Policy-2015', to the people of the state in a state level function organized at Rohtak. While detailing out the policy, Sports and Youth Affairs Minister, Mr.Anil Vij said that the vision of policy is to have a dynamic and innovative culture that promotes and celebrates participation and excellence in sports by 2020. A desired outcome of the Policy is that both the number and diversity of people of Haryana participating in sports will increase over the time frame of 2015-2020. Aim of Policy - 'Sports for All' and 'Excellence in Sports' He said that the policy aims at two specific themes, 'Sports for All' and 'Excellence in Sports'.  To achieve this, five broad goals of the Policy have been set up which included Introduction to Sport, Recreational Sport, Competitive Sport, High Performance Sport and Sports for Development. These goals are aimed at acquainting the people to have the fundamental skills, knowledge and attitudes to participate in organized and unorganized sports, to give the people the opportunity to participate in sports for fun, health, social interaction and relaxation and to give them an opportunity to systematically improve and measure their performance against others in competition in a safe and ethical manner.  The High Performance Sport Goal will lead the Haryana athletes to systematically achieving the world-class results at the highest levels of international competition through fair and ethical means and finally sports to be used as a tool for social and economic development and the promotion of positive values at home and abroad. Similarly, under each of the five goal statements, policy objectives are also presented to enhance the quality of sports programming and its potential to achieve intended outcomes. Implementation and Monitoring Group for Collating and Sharing Action Plan            He said that the mandate of this policy is to encourage, promote and develop physical activity and sports in Haryana. An Implementation and Monitoring Group will be set up which will be responsible for collating and sharing the action plans of government and NGOs, and for monitoring progress. Encouragement  to Women He said that special efforts will be made to encourage women to participate in sports by giving higher scale of incentives for women who win tournaments at national and international level. It is intended to make available at least 30 per cent of the available accommodation at various stadium to women players. Yoga and Karate for Women Apart from yoga special efforts will be taken to promote karate and other self defence sports and games across all educational institutions for women.  Tournament for differently-abled persons All necessary steps will be taken to meet sports needs of differently-abled persons. Due care will be taken to ensure that there are sufficient infrastructure, training facilities and competitive events to enable them to participate fully in sports. District and state level tournament will be organised in various games for differently-abled persons.             He said that it will be the endeavour of the Government to promote all sports disciplines which are regularly featuring in Olympics, Asian Games and Commonwealth Games. Apart from these games appropriate measures will be taken to promote rural games and games which are likely to be included in future Olympics or Asian Games. Marathon race would also be promoted. Importance to Indigenous and Adventure Sports He said that we have a vast array of indigenous sports and games like gatka, bullock-cart racing, kabbadi which are integral to the civilization inheritance of our country and its people. The government intends to give due importance to traditional sports. It will ensure that they are given adequate support to survive and thrive. Similarly, adventure sports involving trekking, scuba diving, gliding, skiing, river rafting, rock climbing, mountaineering and cycling will also be promoted. Yoga made Compulsory in Educational Institutions He said that Yoga will be given special emphasis as part of physical fitness for all age groups. It will be introduced in all educational institutions in the state. It will be compulsory in all schools and in the zero hour there will be regular Yoga practice in schools. It will be treated as an integral part of all sports training programs. Appropriate techniques will be introduced to help sportspersons improve flexibility, concentration and mental strength which are pre-requisites for high quality performance. One Yoga centre in all district sports stadium will be opened as an integral part for training and practice. Municipal Local Bodies and Haryana Urban Development Authority will construct yoga practice halls in their areas of jurisdiction. Special coaching of physical education teachers in Yoga will be organized. The Education Department will include yoga as a subject in the curricula of all degree and diploma level program of physical education. He said that international Day of Yoga will be celebrated on June 21 every year. Besides Yoga camps, Yoga competitions will be organized at various levels for different segments and age-groups. ‘State Physical Fitness Programme’ A ‘State Physical Fitness Programme’ using various youth networks such as National Service Scheme (NSS), Nehru Yuva Kendras  (NYK), National Cadet Corps (NCC) and Bharat Scouts and Guides (BS&G) will be carried out to encourage people of all age groups to engage in physical fitness activity. A special programme of physical fitness will be introduced in all schools. Catch them Young, Catch them Right He said that with the motto ‘catch them young, catch them right’ a mass exercise to test physical exercise ability of all children would be organized annually in schools in collaboration with School Education Department. Participants from all over the state will be administered a battery of standardized tests in three rounds. The score will be published in percentile format on the pattern of CAT score. The result will be made available in public domain of the department's website www.play4india.com. For those qualifying after second round will be given a certificate for their achievement in Sports and Physical Aptitude. The qualifiers after third round will have to undergo fourth round i.e. sports round. In this round qualifier has to opt for a game for which his aptitude would be tested through counseling and game specific physical exercises. Increase in the number of Sports Scholarships It is recognized that scholarship and stipend are necessary to attract and retain talent in the sports. The Government of Haryana will increase the number of sports scholarships as well as enhance the scholarship. Nurseries, Academies and Wings to be Overhauled He said that the present system of nurseries, academies and wings would be thoroughly over hauled. The sports nurseries would be converted into junior sports academies. In the academies only sports talent hunt test qualifiers and players with proven record who are already undergoing coaching would be admitted. Sports Wing to be converted into Sports Championship and Competition Centres. He said that the sports wing would be converted into Sports Championship and Competition Centres. In the sports championship and competition centres only medal winners at the state level would be admitted. Services of sports psychologists and motivators will be made available to help sportspersons develop mental stamina and temperament required for competitive events. Sports persons in these academies and centre will also be provided support services in sports nutrition and diet, sports kinetics and sports injury management etc.   Increase in the Number of Sports Academies He said that there would be substantial increase in the number of sports academies in the state to accommodate all the willing SPEED test qualifiers. Presently there are thirty three nurseries and fifteen academies in operation. Their number would be increased to around two hundred academies in the state. Every block will have at least one sports academy. He said that the selection of boys and girls for the academies will be made in a transparent manner after fixing standards or criteria on the basis of SPEED test. There would be continuous evaluation of performance and a new programme making use of information technology would be put in place by the name Sports and Physical Aptitude Continuous Evaluation (SPACE).   Sports Centre of Excellence For promoting excellence in the games in which the sportsmen from the state have performed exceeding well at national and international level, ‘Sports Centre of Excellence’ would be set up for selected games. To start with such centres will be set up for boxing, wrestling, football, cricket, basketball and kabaddi etc. i.e in priority games. State would support to setup a network of national academies in collaboration with Sports Authority of India, national federations and private sector in the state to train players for international competitions. Three national academies viz. National Academy for Boxing, National Academy for Athletics and National Academy for Wrestling have already been sanctioned by Government of India and are likely to be operational by March 2015. The state would endeavour to make maximum advantage of these institutes of international standard and would strive for maximum number of participant from the state. Under the new sports policy, state sports associations and their district and local constituent units would be encouraged as also other sports administrative bodies like sports councils, besides the sports boards of the PSUs to organize on a massive scale a wide variety of individual and team based sports competitions in their respective disciplines. It will cover both area-based competitions at inter-village, block, district and state level and between institutions such as interschool, college, university,  club, youth club or sports club, as well as community-based informal organizations. Such competitions would be organized from the village level upwards up to the state level for different categories of players like men, women, juniors and sub-juniors, veterans, and the physically challenged. A sports calendar will be brought by 30th April every year detailing the various tournaments planned by various associations, School Education Department, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Abhiyan tournaments etc., so that there is no overlap of events and this will also help in making advanced preparations on the part of all concerned, including players.