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  • CM launched a seven e-services and software applications with the avowed objective of making the life of the man in the street easy, administration garft-free, and delivery of citizen-centric service without any hassles 2-05-2015

    Chandigarh, May 2--Haryana is fast moving down the digital lane. Taking a cue from the Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi  the Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal, today launched a seven e-services and software applications with the avowed objective of making the life of the man in the street easy, administration garft-free, and delivery of citizen-centric service without any hassles. Launching the services in Panchkula, the Chief Minister said that the e-services would help translate the dream of Digital Haryana into reality. Digital Haryana would seek to provide digital infrastructure as a utility for every citizen; e-Governance and e-Services on demand; and facilitate digital empowerment of citizens. While digital infrastructure as a utility to every citizen includes easy access to common service centre and "cradle-to-grave digital identity", e-Governance and e-Services on demand envisage electronic financial transactions and mobile platform based services. Digital empowerment of citizens aims at making available certificates and documents on the cloud, Mr Manohar Lal said. Haryana Revenue Minister Capt Abhimanyu, Health Minister Mr Anij Vij, MP Mr Ratan Lal Kataria, MLA Panchkula Mr Gian Chand Gupta, MLA Kalka Mrs Latika Sharma, Chief Secretary Mr D.S Dhesi, Additional Chief Secretary Health Mr Ram Niwas , Principal Secretary, Finance Mr P.K Das, Deputy Commissioner, Panchkula Mr Vivek Atray and other senior officers of various departments were also present on this occasion. Besides other benefits, the launch of these services would make e-governance visible; inject quite a dose of efficiency in the administration, and make Haryana move up the ladder of progressive states, the Chief Minister said. The e-services and other add-on facilities launched by the Chief Minister today include Access to Common Service Centre; Services on demand; e-Stamping; Jeevan Pramaan; Revised State Portal; Aadhaar-enabled biometric Attendance System; CM Window, Mobile app; and Aadhaar-linked registration of birth.  Haryana is the first state in the country to launch some services on such large scale, Mr Manohar Lal said. Access to Common Service Centre: The state government plans to provide the citizens access to CSC in their own village by setting up CSC in every village. During 2015-16, about 2,500 CSCs shall be set up across the state. “Today, we are enabling the CSCs to deliver 20 e-services in the fields of revenue and health as well as other B2C services through CSC-SPV, a Government of India entity. Under this, a citizen can file application for various kinds of certificates. The file moves electronically to various concerned authorities viz. tehsildar/medical officer of Health Department”, the Chief Minister said. The authorities will conduct the verification process, and, if the credentials and eligibility are found to be accurate, the authority makes an electronic sanction order for issuance of certificate. An SMS is sent to the applicant that his certificate is approved and that he can access it through his email (if provided) or through the CSC. The CSC gives the applicant a print-out of the certificate. The 635-odd CSCs which are working will start delivering these 20 services and other citizen-centric services. Services on demand: Today, 11 e-services of the Revenue Department have been launched. These include Scheduled Caste, Backward Caste, Other Backward Caste, Special Backward Caste, Tapriwas, Vimukt Jati,Economically Backward General Caste and Resident Certificates, income certificate for education purposes, income certificate for other purposes and Rural Area certificate. Similarly, some services of the Health Department have also been launched. Under these, birth certificate, death certificate, and copies of certificates shall be provided. “Application can be deposited for birth and death registration, Name inclusion in birth record, correction in birth record and non-availability certificate. The state shall provide more than 100 e-services to the citizens by the end of the year. e-Stamping: Haryana has developed an e-Stamping application for online sale of e¬-stamps through the portal https:/ /egrashry.nic.in. Citizens can now generate e-Stamp by paying online through internet banking or by paying cash at visiting e-Disha centers or CSCs who shall buy e-stamp online. e-Stamps when submitted before the authorities can be verified by checking with the central e-stamp repository. The authorities can then electronically cancel the e-stamps so that these are not used again for any other purpose. After purchasing the e-stamp, the citizen can also proceed to take appointment with registration authorities through e-Registration mechanism. Revised State Portal: State portal has been revised to fulfill the vision of providing easy and convenient information to the citizens about Haryana, and is further linked to the websites of departments to provide information on various schemes. The portal is user- friendly and has specific section for citizen services. Jeevan Pramaan: For pensioners, life has become easy as they can get Jeevan Pramaan Certificate from any CSC in Haryana through portal www.jeevanpramaan.gov.in if they have the Aadhaar number. Haryana is the first state to launch this scheme on such a large scale in the country. Before 2012, pensions were provided through banks. After 2012, the disbursement was shifted to Treasuries. Soon, the CSCs shall be enabled to provide the verification mechanism so that pensioners do not have to travel to the Treasury for the verification process. Approximately 40,000 pensioners shall benefit from the new system. Aadhaar-enabled biometric Attendance system (AEBAS): Aadhaar- based attendance system was launched today in the Mini- Secretariat, Panchkula. It shall be used to mark attendance in all  district mini-secretariats, two secretariats in Chandigarh and seven  departments (UHBVN, HPGCL, HVPNL, HSIIDC, HAFED and Irrigation, Public Health Engineering at Panchkula. It will help in improving attendance, increase disposal of work and build professional work culture in government offices. Gradually, the attendance of all state employees shall be marked in the AEBAS system.  Haryana is the first state to launch this scheme on such a large scale (Jharkhand has launched the scheme in a limited manner) in the country. CM Window, Mobile app: The CM Grievances Redressal System was launched on December 25, 2014. The CM Window is operational in all DC offices. Citizens can go to e-Disha kendras and lodge their grievances at CM Window. With a view to enabling the citizen to track the status of his grievance/ application, an Android app has been created which can be downloaded on any smart phone. This Android based "app" can be downloaded from the Google play store and it shall provide the detailed status of a particular grievance. Citizen has to simply feed the grievance registration number or his registered mobile number to track the status. Aadhar-linked Registration of birth: Haryana is the first state to launch this scheme on such a large scale in the country. The system launched today will ensure that every newborn child will get Aadhaar number at birth. This facility shall initially be made available at PHCs and CHCs on every Tuesday. On each Tuesday the Aadhaar machine shall be available at all PHCs for making Aadhaar identity and also to register the birth and provide birth registration certificate immediately. In order to establish the identity of the child, the hospital discharge slip will also be a valid identity document for Aadhar enrollment of child. All children born after 1st May 2015 shall be provided the opportunity to acquire Aadhaar identity at birth. This Aadhaar-linking shall enable the state to offer proactive services related to health of the child viz, immunization, nutrition, regular health check-ups etc. This is the first such initiative anywhere in the country. The Haryana Government had conducted a pilot project of Aadhaar-based registration of birth in collaboration with NITI Aayog at Tigaon in Faridabad. “Inspired by the outcome of the pilot project, we have now rolled it out across the state for the benefit of citizens. After a few months, the state shall make each PHC a permanent Aadhaar enrolment centre and Aadhaar machines shall be made available there. Annually, about 5.8 lakh children can be provided Aadhaar identities at birth”, Mr Manohar Lal added.