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  • With the farmers in adversity 1-05-2015

    • In order to provide big relief to farmers, the state government has fixed compensation amount of Rs 12,000 per acre for the loss of crops suffered due to heavy unseasonal rains and hailstorms in Haryana recently. The state government is starting the disbursement of compensation amount of Rs 1,092 crore from May 1.
      Crop Percentage of Loss Compensation amount per acre Wheat     26-50 per cent Rs 7,000 51-75 per cent Rs 9,500 76-100 per cent Rs 12,000  
    • It is known to every farmer of the state that in the last decades, how politics was played in the name of farmers and how previous governments would make mock of farmers by issuing cheques of Re 1 or Rs 2 in the name of compensation. At the time of adversity, we understood the pain of farmers and have decided to pay minimum compensation of Rs 500 for minimum loss to every shareholder.
    • The state government is purchasing every grain of the crop through agencies at Minimum Support Price of Rs 1,450 per quintal so as to provide relief to farmers. In wheat purchase, the limit of shriveled and broken grain has been enhanced from 6 per cent to 10 per cent.
    • In order to increase the ambit of relief to farmers, the state government has allowed value cut on luster loss wheat to the extent of 50 per cent in 11 districts and 80 to 95 per cent in 11 districts.
    • The present government has released compensation amount of Rs 243.63 crore to provide relief to farmers for the loss of crops suffer due to heavy rains in October 2013, hailstorm in February and March 2014 and drought in 2014.
    • In villages where the crops of farmers have been damaged more than 50 per cent, there decision has been taken to waive off cent per cent agriculture bills of farmers for one year.
    • The state government has taken decision to waive off 50 per cent of agriculture bills of farmers whose 25 to 50 per cent of crops have been damaged.
    • Those villages where more than 50 per cent of crops have been damaged due to natural calamity, there crop loan of all famers for Rabi 2014 has been converted to mid term loans for three years.