• Aug 03, 2020 |

Skill Development & Industrial Training Department, Haryana

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  • Promotion to crop diversification 1-05-2015

    • ​The farmers are being encouraged for crop diversification through the medium of cash crops cotton, oilseeds, pulses, corn, medicinal plants, flowers and horticulture crops by taking them out of the Wheat-Paddy crop cycle.
    • A Horticulture University is being established by the support of Central Government to encourage farming of flowers, fruits and vegetables in the state.
    • With a view to provide farmers with information of modern technology in farming, Vegetable Mela and Fruit Mela was organised at Centre of Excellence for Vegetables, Gharaunda in Karnal and Centre of Excellence for Fruits, Mangiana in district Sirsa, respectively.
    • Fifty per cent grant is being given to farmers for buying hybrid variety of vegetables from Centre of Excellence for Vegetables, Gharaunda.
    • 'Haryana Fresh' brand has been launched for agriculture and allied sectors products.
    • 152 new ponds have been made by giving 100 per cent grant to farmers.
    • A financial assistance of Rs 77.25 crore has been given to farmers for horticulture and other activities from October 2014 to April 2015.