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  • Five toll plazas in the state will be closed. 30-06-2015

    • Chandigarh, June 30–Haryana Government taking a policy decision not to charge toll on such roads which meet one of the five conditions. Five toll plazas in the state will be closed.
    • A decision to this effect has been taken in a meeting of the State Cabinet which met under the Chairmanship of Chief Minister Mr Manohar Lal here today.  These conditions are the investment made on improvement of roads is less than Rs 15 crore, the annual tax collection is less than Rs one crore, deferring the toll on road segments which are in very bad condition to avoid public criticism, shifting of toll points which are in Municipal limits and closure of toll points on roads which are subsequently notified as National highways.
    • As a result of this policy decision, the government has decided to close five Toll Plazas (TPs) on such roads which have been repaired or strengthened with an expenditure of less than Rs 15 crore or where the toll collection is less than Rs one crore.
    • While two Toll Plazas TP-47 – Tosham to Hisar road at 26.700 kms and TP-48 – Tosham to Bhiwani road at 70 kms due to investment of less than Rs 15 crore have been decided to be  closed with immediate effect, two Toll Plazas TP-10 Budhlada-Ratia-Fatehabad Road (near Punjab Border) and TP-20 Hansi-Tosham-Sodhiwas Road near village Sodhiwas at RD 201.00 were approved for closure respectively August 5, 2015 and July 16, 2016 on due to toll collection of less than Rs one crore per annum. The Toll Plaza TP-37 Ferozepur Zhirka-Biwan road was approved to be closed with effect from November 1, 2015.
    • This decision has been taken as it has been observed that in certain cases, expenditure incurred on improvement of roads is much less as compared to the hassles being faced by the road users.