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    Family members of the toddler who died in an accident involving MP Hema Malini’s vehicle in Rajasthan’s Dausa accused the administration of lavishing all their attention on the VIP while ignoring the other injured.

    "My little girl died in the lap of her mother in the car. It is sad that her mother is also struggling for survival. . .and she does not know that Sonam is no more," Hanuman Khandelwal, the father of Sonam, told reporters as he lay injured at SMS Hospital.   Sonam was killed and her father, mother Shikha, brother Somil and Khandelwal’s sister-in-law Seema were injured when their car and Hema Malini's Mercedes collided on Thursday night.   Khandelwal said for about "20 to 25 minutes our family of five" lay bleeding on the road in the smashed car as a doctor took Hema Malini and others in his car to Jaipur's Fortis Hospital.