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  • CM approved a scheme for hiring of buses on kilometer basis by State Transport Department 18-11-2015

    • Chandigarh, November 18 - Haryana Cabinet which met under the chairmanship of Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal here today, has approved a scheme for hiring of buses on kilometer basis by State Transport Department so as to provide efficient, economical and properly organized bus transport services to the passengers in the state.
    • Under the scheme, buses registered in Haryana will be taken on hire. Preference will be given to old permit-holders of buses for hire purposes. State Transport Department will hire buses on per kilometer basis. Maximum five buses will be hired from any person, firm, company, registered society or any other legal unit. The process of online e-tendering will be adopted for hiring buses so as to ensure complete transparency.
    • The payment of bus hiring will be made for assured operation of bus per month/per day after deducting penalties, if any. For Standard (Non AC buses), assured operation of 8400 kilometre per month and 300 kilometre per day will be given for buses having age upto four years. In case of buses for age more than 4 years, payment for assured operation will be given for 7000 kilometre per month and 250 kilometer per day.
    • In case of Mini (Non AC) buses, assured operation payment will be made for 6440 kilometre per month and 230 kilometre per day for buses upto four years age. Similarly, for age more than 4 year but less than 5 years, assured operation payment will be made for 6020 kilometer per month and 215 kilometer per day.
    • Further, the hiring rates shall consist of two components  that is diesel and repair and maintenance charges, wages/ salary of the driver, insurance charges and the taxes/ levy/ fees/ charges etc. payable under relevant provisions of the Acts/ Rules but excluding the permit fee, bus stand fee, toll/ entry fee, passenger tax/Special Road Tax.
    • The 65 per cent weight of hiring rate per kilometer will be attributed to the cost of diesel and the remaining 35 per cent of hiring rates would be assumed to be on account of the expenses other than diesel. The basic rates for diesel component would be adjusted proportionately on monthly basis by keeping in view the increase or decrease in average rate of diesel in the previous month. A fixed increase of five paisa per kilometer per annum (to be further adjusted on pro-rata basis by keeping in view the period for which the bus plied in a particular calendar year), on account of increase in the maintenance cost, manpower cost, insurance and other government taxes and levies will be allowed after completion of one year from the date the bus was provided on lease to the allotted depot of Haryana Roadways.
    • The owner will be required to provide bio-data of Drivers to the General Manager of the concerned depot. He will ensure that the driver(s) should not have attained the age of 55 years, or be a dismissed or terminated employee of Haryana Roadways. It will be the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the drivers deployed on the buses during the lease period, is/are having  valid driving licence for driving Heavy Passenger Vehicles on plains as well as on Hill roads, is/are medically fit and wear prescribed ash grey colour uniform provided at the owner's cost. He would get the antecedents of the drivers and his/their driving license verified from the concerned district authorities/licensing authorities before they are allowed to be put on duty. The copy of such verification shall also be delivered to the concerned General Manager of Haryana Roadways Depot.
    • The owner shall be responsible for keeping the hired bus roadworthy by ensuring repair and maintenance of the bus and the expenditure on account of diesel, oil and lubricants, tools, tyres and tubes, spare parts and all kind of maintenance of the buses shall be responsibility of the owner and no such expense will be reimbursed by the department.
    • The State Transport Department shall provide Conductor or Conductors for the operation of bus under whose control the bus will ply from one destination to another. The owner of the bus shall have no operational control over the bus.
    • The leased bus will not be used by the owner for carrying passengers for him/her or on behalf of others or for any other purpose under any circumstances.
    • The State Transport Department will have rights to levy penalties for delayed/early departure of bus, missing of trip, non-providing bus for operation, non-stoppage of bus at authorised bus stops for dropping and picking up passengers, operation of bus via bye pass/over bridge having prescribed bus stop at ground level, non-stoppage of bus for checking on being given a signal by Inspector/sub-inspector of State Transport Department, etc. The State Transport department will have right to collect fare for passengers and goods carried by the bus and owner of the bus shall have no right over this income or fare charged from the passengers travelling in the bus. The State Transport Department shall pay bus stand fee, toll tax/entry fee, passenger tax/Special Road Tax (SRT) and permit fee for operation of buses in addition to hiring charges to the bus owner.
    • The owner of the bus will be responsible to get the bus registered in Haryana and all expenses in this regard shall be borne by the owner. Arranging painting of the bus as per approved colour scheme of State Transport Department, arranging comprehensive insurance of the bus, arranging timely renewal of fitness certificate, Pollution under control certificate, payment of Motor Vehicle Taxes of the bus, Payment of service tax and other statutory levies as imposed by the Government from time to time, PF and ESI of the drivers, their wages, challans for violation of Motor Vehicle Act/Rules, etc. shall be borne by the owner, in addition to arranging washing and cleaning, repair and maintenances and diesel for bus.
    • The contract of hiring can be cancelled/terminated by the owner by giving one month advance notice to State Transport Department, Haryana. The State Transport Department also has right to cancel lease agreement in case, it comes to conclusion that buses offered on hire do not confirm to the provisions of Motor Vehicle Act or the Contract was obtained by the owner by suppressing and concealing information as per terms of the scheme.