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  • Shiroki Corporation has committed to invest more than Rs 150 crore in its Bawal Plant in Haryana in next two years 20-01-2016

    Chandigarh, January 20- While Shiroki Corporation has committed to invest more than Rs 150 crore in its Bawal Plant in Haryana in next two years, Daiwa House Industry Company, one of the largest residential manufacturers in Japan, is considering Gurgaon and Jhajjar as potential locations for its project in Haryana and Hitachi Zosen Corporation, expressed interest to participate in Haryana’s efforts to set up waste to energy plants. The Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal, who is in Japan these days to invite investors and entrepreneurs to set up their ventures in Haryana, is getting encouraging response in Japan as a result of State Government’s progressive policies and industry friendly climate.Mr Manohar Lal, who is accompanied by Haryana Industries Minister Capt. Abhimanyu and Social Justice and Empowerment Minister, Mrs Kavita Jain, had meetings with representatives of major companies in Osaka today. Mr. Hideo Tashima, Chairman, Kansai Economic Federation, said that impressed by the recent policy reforms introduced by the Haryana Government, the Kansai Economic Federation will promote Haryana as an ideal location for investment among its over 1,300 member Japanese companies. Mr Tetsuro Morita, Managing Director, Shiroki Corporation Shiroki Corporation, who called on the Chief Minister in Osaka today, committed to invest over Rs 150 crore in its Bawal Plant in next two years.He thanked the Chief Minister for his policies which have ushered-in a new era of cordial industry-labour relations. He informed the Chief Minister that through their tie-up with Technico Industries, Shiroki Corporation have an assured order for all new models of Maruti till 2019 for use of their components that would reduce by 30 per cent the weight of the cars and thereby increase the fuel efficiency. Mr Naoki Nishioka and Yoshihiko Iwamoto, Senior Executive Officers of the Daiwa House Industry Company, which is one of the largest residential manufacturers in Japan informed Mr Manohar Lal that they were considering Gurgaon and Jhajjar as potential locations for their project in Haryana. They evinced keen interest in the new policies of Government of Haryana to promote affordable housing. Chief Minister assured that his focus on zero tolerance for corruption is leading to greater transparency in real estate sector. “Nothing will remain hidden” he said as a result of his making it a right of people, including developers, to file only online applications. They were accompanied by the representative of the Mizuho Bank who are their investment consultants.Daiwa operates in single family houses, rental housing, condominiums and corporate facilities. Shiroki develops, manufactures and sells worldwide a variety of interior and exterior components of automobiles. For interiors, products include seat recliners and seat adjusters, window regulators, door locks and other functional parts. For exteriors, they supply doorframes, molding and other parts. In North America, there are three group companies: Shiroki North America Inc.; Shiroki-GA, LLC, and Shiroki-GT, LLC. They also have a growing manufacturing and supply network in developing countries with rapidly growing economies. Group Companies include Guangzhou Shiroki Corporation in China and Shiroki Corporation (Thailand) Ltd. in Thailand and PT. Shiroki Indonesia in Indonesia. Group Companies cover Japan, the United States and Asia. Shiroki will continue to use this infrastructure that covers four regions of the world to strengthen and expand Research and Development and manufacturing operations. They have a tie-up with Technico Industries Ltd. in India. It may be recalled that Shiroki Corporation was founded as Shiroki Kinzoku Kogyo Company Ltd. In 1946 as a subsidiary of Shirokiya, a long-established department store in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. In 1988, the company name was changed to the ‘Shiroki Corporation’. In another such highly fruitful meeting today, Mr. Minoru Mizuno, Deputy General Manager of V-Project Group, Environment Business Headquarters, Administration Department, Hitachi Zosen Corporation, expressed interest to participate in Haryana’s efforts to set up waste to energy plants. Mr. Mizuno was highly appreciative of the fact that Mr. Manohar Lal, as a member of the Sub Group of Chief Ministers on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, had recommended adoption of a daily cleanliness period in schools on the pattern of Japanese education system. Earlier, the Chief Minister endeared himself to the Japanese participants by making a fluent address in Japanese. The participants included top Managers of Panasonic Corporation, Daikin Industries, Mizuho Bank, Hitachi Zosen Corporation and New Kansai International Airport Company. There was a great appreciation of four sectors identified in Haryana’s New Enterprises Promotion Policy-2015, namely Agro and Food Processing, Textiles, Electronic System, Designs, Defence, Aero Space, Railway, Footwear and Automobile Engineering. Many Japanese companies based in Kansai region, which comprises seven prefectures of Japan including Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe, have interest in these areas. The Kansai region has a Gross Domestic Product of $840 billion, and an international trade of $2.8 billion with India. Principal Secretary, Industries, Mr. Devender Singh also made a presentation on the New Enterprises Promotion Policy-2015. Others present on the occasion included President, Taiyo Corporation, Mr. Noritada Ito, General Manager, Executive Support Office, Panasonic Corporation, Mr. Katsuhiko Kambara, Deputy General Manager, Global Operations Division, Daikin Industries Ltd., Mr. Hiroshi Yogo, Deputy General Manager, International Corporate Advisory Division, Mizuho Bank Ltd., Mr. Kenichiro Koseki, and Director, Office of International Relations and Business Development, New Kansai International Airport Company Ltd., Mr. Hiroki Kitabayashi.