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  • Buoyed by the great success the first-ever Happening Haryana Global Investors’ Summit has been, the Chief Minister said that the second summit would be held some time in 2018. 8-03-2016

    • Chandigarh, March 8–Buoyed by the great success the first-ever Happening Haryana Global Investors’ Summit has been, the Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal, has said that the second summit would be held some time in 2018. The success of the Summit is measured by the fact that against the target of Rs one lakh crore, the state government has signed 357 MoUs for a total potential investment of Rs 5.84 lakh crore which is five times more than the expectations of the government.
    • This was disclosed by the Chief Minister while addressing the captains of industry during the valedictory session of the Summit in Gurgaon today. It is a matter of great satisfaction that 39 of the total MoUs involving investment of Rs 1,28,000 crore are for the districts not falling in the national capital region. While 10 per cent of the MoUs are with MNCs, more than 30 per cent MoUs are of values ranging from Rs 100 crore to Rs 1,000 crore. About 26 per cent of the MoUs are in the MSME sector, he said. The Summit has been a great success. It has given the most tangible proof of the faith and confidence industry and investors have in Haryana’s Enterprises Promotion Policy. The steps taken by the government to usher in a new era of balanced regional growth have met recognition from investors.
    • He assured that all necessary clearances would be granted within 30 days from the date of application. Referring to the target fixed for attracting investment, the Chief Minister said that the positive response Haryana attracted from investors during his visits to US and Canada encouraged him to organise the Summit. He was surprised to learn from officers that Haryana never held such an event. “By October, 2015, it became clear that if we want to generate the targeted four lakh jobs, we must organise an investors’ meet. I was aware about the role Vibrant Gujarat had played in the success of Mr Narendra Modi’s famous Gujarat model of development. Officers told me that such investment promotion events took at least one-and-a-half year of planning and suggested that it should be planned some time in 2017. But I felt that if we delayed matters, we would never be able to realize our twin targets”, the Chief Minister said. Keen on making it a success, the state government decided to hold the Summit on the most auspicious day of Mahashivaratri. During the last three months, interactions were held with potential investors at seminars in Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing and Shenghai, and at the road shows in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai.
    • Mr Manohar Lal said that he had always lamented the fact that the per capita income of Mewat was only one-tenth of Gurgaon, though these were adjoining districts. Unthoughful policies of the previous governments had resulted in glaring inequalities between different regions. “Since taking the oath of office as chief servant of the 2.5 crore people of the state, I have always asked officers, politicians and the common people to follow the mantra of Haryana Ek-Haryanavi Ek”, he added. The Chief Minister thanked the Ambassadors and High Commissioners of 12 partner-countries and each one of their 154 delegates, for having travelled long distances to participate in the Summit.