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  • Research work to be carried out in the Horticulture University being set up at village Anjanthali in district Karnal 6-04-2016

    • CHANDIGARH, April 6: Union Agriculture Minister Mr Radha Mohan Singh said that the research work to be carried out in the Horticulture University being set up at village Anjanthali in district Karnal would not only help the farmers of the State, but would also significantly increase the interest of youth in agriculture sector, who are moving away from it.
    • Mr Radha Mohan Singh was addressing a well attended public meeting after he alongwith Haryana Chief Minister Mr Manohar Lal laid the foundation stone of Horticulture University at village Anjanthali in district Karnal today. He said that he along with Chief Minister Mr Manohar Lal has also inaugurated a Potato Technology Centre in village Shamgarh in district Karnal today and with this Haryana has become the first State in the country to have such Centre.
    • The Union Minister said that the Central Government would provide financial assistance of Rs 200 crore for the setting up of this University and the first installment of Rs 50 crore would be released to the State Government in the month of April.
    • While describing farmers of Haryana as hardworking, the Union Minister said that as the State surrounds Delhi from three sides, the farmers of the State have huge potential of selling their produce in Delhi. But he lamented that the previous Government in the State always neglected the interest of farmers and fulfilled their vested interests. He said that now with the   concerted efforts made by Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Mr Manohar  Lal the farmers of the State would be able to meet the requirement of fruit, vegetable and flowers of Delhi. He also blamed the previous governments for the plight of farmers in the country.
    • He said that though Haryana is among the highest producer of wheat and paddy, cultivation of these corps only could not improve their economic condition. He said that farmers should be encouraged to adopt horticulture farming instead of conventional farming to boost their income.  He said that in view of the growing interest of farmers of Haryana towards horticulture farming, Mr Narendra Modi after becoming the Prime Minister had announced to open a Horticulture University in Haryana.
    • While referring to the steps being taken by the Central Government for the welfare of farmers in the country, Mr Radha Mohan said that Mr Modi has launched seven point programme for the farmers. Pradhan Mantri Sinchayi Yojana has been implemented to ensure water to every filed. Apart from this, special emphasis is being laid on increasing the income of farmers, reduce cost of production,  post harvest loses and value addition. He said that the Central Government has decided to set up Rashtriya Krisha Bazar to enable the farmers to get remunerative price  far their produce. Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi would launch the Rashtriya Krisha Bazar  on April 14, said the Union Minister adding that the Anaj mandi of Karnal would also be linked with it. He said that as many as 585 Mandis of the country would be linked with this Bazar by 2018.
    • Earlier, speaking on this occasion, Chief Minister Mr Manohar Lal described today as a historical day for the people of village Anjanthali. He said that though this University could be set up at any place in the State yet as the Northern Haryana has taken a lead in the diversification of crop by adopting horticulture farming over conservative farming, village Anjanthali has been chosen for this University. He said that under the guidance of Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi, several new schemes were being prepared to enhance the income of farmers.
    • The Chief Minister said that the setting up of Horticulture University would significantly increase the production of fruits, flower, medicinal plants and other agro based products. He said that the aim of the State Government is to ensure that farmers of the State meet the requirement of vegetable, fruit and flowers of the areas surrounding the National Capital Region (NCR) mainly Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad having a population of four crore.
    • On this occasion, the Chief Minister announced a slew of incentives for the people of Nilokheri Assembly Constituency which included construction of Primary Health Centre in village Gonder, Rs 21 lakh for opening of Community Radio Station and Swami Vivekanand Pustkalya in village Gonder, construction of a Pond in Nissing under five-pond system, construction of sports stadium in Nissing over six acre at a cost of Rs 1.27 crore, Rs five crore for the development of village Anjanthali and Rs two crore for village Shamgarh, Rs 21 lakh each for three gaushalas at village Gonder, Nissing and Taraori from his discretionary fund and Rs 11.38 crore for the construction of new roads and widening of existing roads.
    • Haryana Agriculture Minister Mr O.P Dhankar described the Horticulture University being set up in village Anjanthali as a development engine for this area.  He said that with a view to promote horticulture farming, the State Government has a plan to open Centre of Excellence in all 21 districts of the State with the assistance of Israel. He said that a largest vegetable market for  fruits and flower is being set up at Gannuar in district Sonipat over an area of about 600 acres.
    • Minister of State for Cooperation Mr Bikram Singh Yadav said that it was a matter of pride that Haryana’s first Horticulture University is being set up in village Anjanthali. He said that the setting up of this university would not only benefit the people of Karnal but of the whole State.
    • MLA Nilokheri and organizer of the public meeting Mr Bhagwan Das Kabirpanthi thanked Union Agriculture Minister   and Chief Minister   for giving a gift of a Horticulture University to this area. He said that all the previous governments in the State have neglected this area but the present State Government has sanctioned development works worth crores of rupees for this area.
    • Earlier, Union Agriculture Minister and  Chief Minister inaugurated Potato Technology Centre at village Shamgarh in district Karnal set up at a cost of Rs 1.27 crore.
    • The Chief Minister also laid the foundation stone of Zila  Vikas Sadan to be constructed over an area of  2.25 acres at a cost of Rs 7.62 crore. He also inaugurated new police lines in Karnal constructed over an area of 60 acres of land at a cost of Rs 103 crore. Apart from this, the Chief Minister also launched Science Bus (circus of science) at Karnal Panchayat Bhawan.
    • MLA Gharaunda and Chairman Hafed Mr Harwinder Kalyan, MLA Thanesar Mr Subhash Sudha, Chairperson Zila Parishad Karnal Mrs Usha Rani Mehla and other dignitaries, officers of district administration and large number of people were also present on this occasion.