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  • CM exhorted the trainees of Indian Administrative Service (IAS) not to attach themselves with any political party or to a particular place and limit their needs 15-04-2016

    • Chandigarh, April 15 – Haryana Chief Minister Mr Manohar Lal today exhorted the trainees of Indian Administrative Service (IAS) not to attach themselves with any political party or to a particular place and limit their needs. The Chief Minister, who was addressing the 181 IAS probationers including three from Bhutan Civil Service of 2015 batch at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration in Mussoorie, also gave them some tips on good governance and inspired them to check corruption at all levels.
    • He pointed out that while working with politicians they might face some difficulties. They should not align themselves with a political person, because political rulers are not permanent. They are temporary and at times have a five year tenure and at times it could be for two-and-a half years. But, he said, they were not temporary as they were here as permanent for 35 years. He urged them to listen to the directions of the rulers and work as they wish, but do not attach themselves with them. If they get attached, they would be uneasy when the new ruler would hold the reins of administration. He quoted an example saying that recently a journalist asked him that when he assumed office, he did not change the officers as they were attached to the previous Congress government. The Chief Minister said that his reply was that, he was not upset. The IAS officer should not get attached with anyone and the IAS officers in his government were not attached to anyone. One has to obey the ruler, but one must not forget the target. He advised them not to indulge in arguments with the leader on small issues. If they indulge in arguments it could harm both of them and at times it could harm the masses. One could find a way by being humble, but at the same time he cautioned saying that they should not do wrong if the leader asked them to do so. Instead they would think how to get out of it. If they have to make the leader understand, they will do it.
    • The Chief Minister said that one must be sensitive to the society to check corruption. There is no logic to fill the coffers. He said that its not that only we indulge in corrupt practices, the people in the society are also corrupt, but we must check them ,after all corruption begins from top and runs upto the bottom. He said that the masses get attracted towards small things. They feel that they should grab the maximum, but we can make them understand and be a role model. The Information Technology should also be used to check corruption, he added. He said that he was a politician of a different kind as he did not work like others. He said that people have different conceptions about politicians. The biggest challenge is to change those conceptions. People in the society ask that of what kind the politicians are .
    • He said that the conception is that they are thieves and corrupt, but such conceptions have not been made for nothing as some politicians have indulged in such practices. The truth has been proved in some investigations and they have been punished for 10 years. While describing corruption as a cancer, the Chief Minister said that the Haryana government has decided to constitute social audit teams at village level so as to root out corruption at all levels. These teams would help in making budget estimates of developmental works and final payment would be made after no objection certificate of these teams. He said that it’s a revolutionary step which is being opposed but the government would implement the same. He said that he had never thought that one day he would become Chief Minister of Haryana, but he had committed him self to do something new in his life. Therefore, in the year 1980 he left his business and joined the RSS and involved himself to social welfare works at different places.
    • He said that wherever they are posted and get opportunity to serve the people, they must discharge their duty with honesty. He said that they should remain connected to the people in far flung areas. If they serve in states other than their native state, it would promote harmony. He said that IAS officers can keep the youth united. He said that officers are scared of 5 Cs. He said that he asked them what the 5 C were, the reply was CVC,CIC,CBI, Comptroller and Auditor General and Court. He said that one might be a politician or an officer or an employee of low rank, if he is honest and dedicated to his duty and follows the rules and procedures, he would not be scared of these 5 Cs. Only the one would be scared of these who is guilty. The honest officers need not feel scared of it. One may commit a mistake once in a while and there is no need to get scared of it. These 5 C would not harm you for that mistake, he added. While extending greetings to them on the auspicious occasion of Ram Navmi, Mr Manohar Lal urged them to discharge their duties with utmost dedication and should also work beyond imagination for achieving the desired result in the interest of the government and the people. While describing a hobby as a tool of relieving from stress, the Chief Minister said that everyone must have a hobby during their service period. He said, he also has a hobby of yoga which helps him in relieving from stress.
    • This will make them free from stress and help in keeping a healthy mind in a healthy body. They should have positivity, which means they should have creative thinking. Referring to the Happening Haryana Global Investors’ Summit, where 359 MoUs were signed with a potential investment of Rs 5.84 lakh crore, he said that these would help in providing employment opportunities to about four lakh people in the state. He said that government had made revolutionary amendment in Panchayti Raj Act as per which minimum educational qualification and other criteria were fixed in panchayat election. This was also upheld by the court, he added. Mr Manohar Lal urged them to adopt the word Antodya as defined by Deendayal Upadhyay as by following it we can achieve the target of uplifting the status of the poorest among the poor. Our target should be to remain connected to the society and work for their welfare and not to indulge in corrupt practices. He said that with the help of Information Technology he has setup such a system which has checked corruption. With the use of IT in admission to schools it was found that admission of five lakh students was bogus. He said that five lakh persons were being benefitted with ration, kerosene and gas under the public distribution system. As a result of linking this system with aadhar, four lakh such persons were found who were getting both kerosene as well as gas. Therefore, by linking it with aadhar only one lakh such persons are there who are using kerosene. The government has decided to make Haryana kerosene free in the days to come. He said that aadhar cards are made at the time of birth. As a result of it the people are served better. He said the government has implemented e-registration and e-governance to check corruption. He said that the government has prepared an innovative program of CM Fellow so as to make the youth partner in development and good governance. He said that there would be only 22 youth and they would be deputed in every district.
    • The aim to constitute such a team is to bring transparency and efficiency in administration and ensure that services of different departments must reach the masses in a transparent manner. They would monitor and analyze high priority programs and inform him accordingly. The Chief Minister also highlighted various schemes and programmes of the State Government including Gram Uday se Bharat Uday, improvement in sex ratio after implementing Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao programme and Mahara Gaon-Jagmag Gaon scheme.He said that the Government has used IT to check corruption. In response to a question on proposal to change the name of Gurgaon as Gurugram, the Chief Minister said that people of the Gurgaon have also welcomed this decision.
    • In response to another question, he said that government would soon start City bus service in Gurugram. In the first phase, 50 buses would be started. Metro is also being expanded. E-rickshaw has also been launched, he added. Director Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration Mr Rajiv kapoor and Additional Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Dr. Rakesh Gupta were also present on this occasion.